If you’re finding it difficult to buy clothes that fit, and almost always need to make adjustments to sewing patterns so that the end results fit you properly… Then you’ll definitely get a lot of use out of your adjustable dressmaker’s mannequin. Because you can create your body double by adjusting and padding her up – ensuring an accurate garment fit first time, every time!

Being able to work on the garment while it is on your dressmaker’s mannequin will save you time and hassle. Imagine that! Having an adjustable dress form will also allow you to sew for others with different size, shape and height.

Different types of mannequins are designed to serve their specific purposes

Shelley from Sew Much Easier has a fabulous download that makes it easy to choose the right garment for sewing.

This eBook will answer every question you have about buying a mannequin such as;

Customising  your Mannequin, 
How To Pad Your Mannequin, 
Proper Garment Fitting Tips 

And so much more

Here is the link to the document ;



Shelley is also the perfect person to purchase your Mannequin from here are her details.

Shelley Hong

Sew Much Easier   

Tel:  1300 8811 59