How to store your fabric

It is important to store your fabric in a way that helps you see what you have.

If you cannot see what you have it can get lost under all the piles of fabric in your stash, (especially if you have a lot of fabric) and what will happen is that you may buy more of the same.

Keeping your fabric in the bags that you purchased it in won’t help you when deciding on your next project.  Inspiration often comes from being able to see the fabric that you have.

Storing your fabric by type and possibly seasons makes it even easier to see what you have.

Fabric storage 1

The process of setting up your storage system may be time consuming but it gives you the chance to see exactly what you have.

How I store my fabric

I know exactly what is in my stash at a glance

I have plastic see through tubs labelled with the following:

  • Denim
  • Winter jackets
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Trim
  • Buttons
  • Stretch tops
  • Planning to make now
  • Lining (which also has left over fabric that is enough to line something like a vest).

So, if I am thinking of making something in linen I can go to that tub and see what I have.

Suggestions for storing fabric

  1. Large Plastic tubs with labels
  2. Search Op shops for cupboards (with a glass front is even better)
  3. Racks
  4. Cubed shelving
Fabric storage Ideas

 Tips for Organizing Your Fabric

  1. Sort your fabric into either types or seasons
  2. Fold fabrics.
  3. Take it out of bags
  4. Sort your scraps – do you really need them?
  5. Make sure you can see everything

Know your fabric book

If you have sorted your fabric stash and you feel that you have been choosing the wrong fabric for your projects because you lack fabric knowledge maybe you should check out my  Know your fabric book

Know Your Fabric Book