Beginners sewing class

Beginner Sewing Classes

Sew n Sew Sewing School

From beginner to expert

Beginner sewing classes will soon have you sewing like a professional, even if you’ve never used a sewing machine in your life, our cleverly structured classes are easy to follow.

Our beginner sewing classes take you from beginner to expert.  Learn on your own sewing machine and become confident enough to continue at home.

I won’t just teach you how to read and follow a pattern. In fact, I won’t even ask you to bring along a pattern and fabric to your first beginner sewing class. Instead I will teach you how to read a pattern and how fabrics move, before you go out and buy both.

Once you master the basics, you will start learning you all the insider secrets that dressmakers use to produce perfectly tailored garments.


Students enjoying class


Make new friends with like minded people.

What you will learn

  • The right tools and equipment to start
  • Finding your way around your sewing machine
  • Threading the machine the right way
  • The art of winding a bobbin
  • How to interpret the pattern markings
  • The forgotten art of hand sewing
  • Learn the different types of stitches
  • How to gather
  • Find out to stitch a dart
  • The secret to the easy way to insert a zipper
  • Taking measurements
  • Reading a  pattern
  • Laying out the pattern
  • Buying fabric
  • And SOOOO much more

Kate explains why she chose Sew n Sew

Class timetable and available spaces

Everything is supplied, you just need a sewing machine

Starter pack

Fabric pack

Ready to start learning ?

Would you like to start learning to sew in one of my classes? Then I welcome you. Please visit my shop, select the course that best suits your needs and register your interest. You’ll also find sewing starter packs and other accessories for the budding seamstress in my shop.

If you have any questions about my school and/or classes, please feel free to contact me on 0412 332 689 or send an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Christeen Jacobs

Feedback from our beginner students

“The class was great! I love the new techniques to make things easier and precise, the zipper and the gathering. I love your patience, organization and attention for each student in the class.”
– Diva

“I really enjoyed the classes and the things that I learnt it was just what I was hoping for. The studio is so conducive for teaching and learning, and bringing a cuppa was a lovely touch.”
– Rochelle

“I thoroughly enjoyed my first class! Your instruction is clear and very informative. Can’t wait to come to the next class.”
– Michelle

Ali -review of Sew n Sew Sewing school

“I enjoy attending the Beginner sewing sewing classes at Sew n Sew whether it is a 2 hour class or an all day class. Learning how to make your own patterns is much cheaper than buying a pattern and having to alter it to fit.

The owner of Sew n Sew, Christeen, is not only a teacher but has also become a friend over the time I have been attending her classes. Her knowledge of pattern making, design, sewing and suggestions are invaluable.

I would recommend Sew n Sew to anyone who wishes to learn the art of design and dressmaking.

Thank you Christeen.”
– Terri

“I love coming to Saturday sewing classes that Christeen hosts. I think she is a wonderful teacher. The class itself is the highlight of my week and Christeen creates such a warm and comforting environment for everyone.

Before I met Christeen I hadn’t even touched a machine. Since coming to her classes I have finished my beginners course and I have so far made a cute top, dress for a baby girl and on my way to making a saree crop top/blouse.

Christeen is super professional, friendly and has so much experience and knowledge.

Thank you so much for all that you have taught me so far Christeen! I highly recommend Christeen and all her classes to anyone.

Many thanks!”
– Shani

Marilyn review of Sew n Sew School

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After the beginners course

Your next step up from the beginner’s course is the Intermediate course for either 6 or 12 weeks where there will be endless skills for you to learn.  In this course you will start to make items of your choice learning a new sewing skills with each new project new project.

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