Overlocker Questions Solved

Tip No. 1

Overlocker Needles.

Using the correct type, brand and size needle is essential to obtain the perfect stitch.

Needle must be changes periodically and also the right needle should be used for the type of fabric you are sewing.

Your instruction manual will tell you what needle system that you overlocker uses.

Most overlockers use universal needles the same type used in your sewing machine.

Older models may call for industrial needles.  The two types of needles are not interchangeable they are different lengths and widths.

Industrial needles have a round shank, house hold needles (universal) have one flat side on the shank when inserting the needle in the machine the flat side of the shank goes to the back.

Also be sure that the needle is “up” as far as it will go.

The right needle is slightly longer that the left one once inserted.


Tip No. 2

Thread Quality.

There is no such thing as a bargain.

Most often it’s the price that gives away the quality of the thread away.

Bargain prices may mean poor quality or even headaches when overlocking.

Good quality thread will be smooth with no fiber strands sticking out from the core.

If the thread shape is irregular as it pass through the tension disks, it causes uneven tension or breakage, causing you to waste valuable time re threading your machine.

So when selecting thread choose with quality not price in mind.

Nobody likes re threading the overlocker machine.