Why is it important how you store your fabric stash?

I think that is very important.

If you have your fabric jammed inside a cupboard with doors closed hardly looked at, or still in the shopping bags that it was purchased in not only will you probably forget that you have it the chances are you may never make anything out of it.

Its is not call a fabric stash for nothing.  You keep buying fabric not looking at what you already have because it is made hard by the way you are storing it.


I know exactly what is in my stash at a glance

I have plastic see through tubs labelled with the following:

  • Denim
  • Winter jackets
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Trim
  • Buttons
  • Stretch tops
  • Planning to make now
  • Lining (which also has left over fabric that is enough to line something like a vest).

So, if I am thinking of making something in linen I can go to that tub and see what I have.

Because it is organised, I can usually remember most of what I have for all the seasons of the year.


5 Tips for Organizing Your Fabric Stash

  1. Sort, sort, sort!
  2. Fold fabrics neatly
  3. Keep tiny scraps in open bowls or bins.
  4. Make everything as visible as possible.
  5. Roll oddly shaped or silky fabric pieces.


How do your store your fabric stash?  Comment below.