You can learn to sew online.

Yes you can learn to sew online sew online, and I want to answer all the questions that I get because learning online can be easy as long as the course is well written and filmed it is easy.


“I don’t think that I can learn online”.

I get many phone calls about learning to sew, and when I mention learning online the first thing they say is

 “I don’t think that I can learn online because I don’t know anything at all about sewing”.

Well I am here to tell you that you can and it is easy.  I currently have over 570 students learning how to sew online.

“I need you to be sitting beside me to learn”.

You think that you need me sitting right beside you?

Well the instructions are so clear and professionally filmed that it will seem that I am sitting right beside you.

“What if I don’t know anything about sewing”.

Don’t worry that you don’t know anything at all.

When I created the beginners course it was done for the absolute beginner, someone who had never even touched a sewing machine. Everything but the sewing machine is supplied so that you don’t have to go shopping for things that you don’t understand. If you need to buy a sewing machine I can give you guidance as to what would be best for you.

“”I don’t know how to use my sewing machine”.

Don’t know how to use your sewing machine?

In one of the first modules I teach you how to use your sewing machine, going through all of those buttons and dials explaining what they are for.  Then you will learn how to set up the machine ready to sew by winding the bobbin and threading the machine.

“What else will I learn?”

Sewing is a journey and to be successful you need to learn some basic skills first, so you will gain some confidence by getting the feel of using the machine, then learn how to sew straight or in a curve, gathering, darts, zippers just to name a few, and it really will feel like I am sitting right beside you guiding you all the way.

“Is help available if I get stuck?”

You will get 100% support from me all the way through the course.  You will be asked to submit photos of your work after each module so that I can ensure that you understand each skill.

“Will I get to make something?”

I will explain in great detail how to take measurements, go into a store and by a sewing pattern, how to read the back of the pattern to purchase fabric.  Then with the pattern and fabric supplied you will go through the process of laying the pattern on the fabric learning what all the markings mean and step by step make up a practice skirt by following the pattern instructions.

You will be learning in a sequential way, taking you down the right path step by step to be a confident sewer. You will be able to go over the modules as many times as you need to.

As this course is self-paced you can login at any time of day or night and work at a pace that suits you.

Everything is supplied so you don’t have to shop for things that you don’t understand

 There is so much more in this course apart from what I have told you.

You can try the first 2 modules for free, just go the beginners online course https://www.sewnsew.net.au/online-sewing-course/

You will never feel alone, you will never feel frustrated because I am always there right beside you guiding you every step of the way.

I hope that I have made you feel that it is possible to learn to sew online.