About Christeen Jacobs

Sew n Sew Sewing School is run by Christeen Jacobs, an industry expert with over 40 years of experience in the bridal and evening wear field.

Christeen grew up watching her mother, who was a gifted seamstress, to sew and bead beautiful gowns.Her mother often told her, “Sewing is an art; every seam must be perfect. The inside of the garment should look as good as the outside.”

Christeen loved the way her mother could turn a simple picture into a work of art. Following her mother’s example, she established her own made-to-measure Bridal and Evening wear business in Sydney, where she flourished for many years.

She even won Gown of the Year three years running for her handmade creations. 

However, her true passion lies in imparting her knowledge to others, guiding them in creating their own garments and empowering them to express themselves freely through fashion. The joy on their faces as they discover their potential after just one lesson is what fuels her enthusiasm.

Learn to Sew with Christeen 

Why Christeen Jacobs created Sew n Sew Sewing School

She began noticing that most sewing schools in Australia assume too much prior knowledge. Consequently, many beginners feel overlooked. However, Christeen’s Sew n Sew Sewing School offers comprehensive instruction.

Christeen created Sew n Sew Sewing School to teach you how to operate a sewing machine, to understand fabric, patterns, darts, zippers, and gathering, as well as how to master the basic sewing skills.

Christine Jacobs Sewing Teacher

Sew n Sew Sewing School is unique

This structured approach is meticulously designed to help students progressively enhance their skills. Through her teaching, Christeen empowers students to create confidently.

Over the years she has taught many students the art of sewing / designing and making their own creations. With the know-how and inspiration they’ve received, they now have enough confidence in their own skills to sew fabulous creations for themselves or their loved ones.

What Our Students Are Saying

Sewing was something that I had always wanted to learn but could not get to a class, so the online course suited me best. My husband gave me a sewing machine for my birthday a few years ago but sadly it ended up in a cupboard.

I was reluctant at first wondering if I would be able to learn sewing as an online course but once I got started I was amazed at how easy it was. The videos and instructions are so very clear and easy to understand. Having everything provided made it even better as I would not know where to start if I had purchased everything myself.

Thank you again Christeen Jacobs, I am now very confident using my sewing machine. It is wonderful being able to understand how to read a pattern.

I can venture into a fabric shop, buy the fabric and sew a garment using all the skills I have learned in the course. I highly recommend the Online Sewing Course for beginners.”


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