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Sewing lessons taught on your own sewing machine.


Learn how to adjust patterns, sew sleeves, line garments and do fittings.

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Learn to sew online at your own pace in your own home.

Stretch Fabric

Make garments with stretch fabric.

Pattern Making

Never buy another commercial sewing pattern again.

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Make friends with your overlocker.

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One-on-one tutoring.

Keeping the art of sewing alive

Naomi learning to sew

In my Face to Face and Online sewing lessons I have helped over 3000 people  learn to sew.

Why have all of these people been so successful?  Because in my sewing lessons I teach you how to sewing the right way from the very beginning starting with your machine.

No experience is needed to enjoy sewing lessons

My sewing lessons are so well structured that even if you have never used a sewing machine before I will have you sewing like a professional in no time at all.

Everything other than your machine is supplied for the course which makes it even easier.

For sewing hints and tips read my Blog

Buying a sewing machine.

Are you on the hunt for a sewing machine? Don’t really know where to begin? The best place to start is by asking yourself the following questions: What do you want to use your sewing machine for? Do you want to: sew clothing, make crafts, do alterations? What can you afford? There is no point in looking at a high end machine if you have a limited budget. There will always be a machine that offers so much more if you spend a little bit extra, but if you have no need for all those fancy extra stitches there is no need to part with those extra $$$. How many stitches do you need? Once you set yourself a budget, between what you need and what looks exciting are two very different things. To sew successfully you only need straight and zigzag stitches. These two stitches will allow you to do just about anything you want and need. My sewing machine has over 50 stitch types and I sew every day, but I rarely use anything other that my straight stitch and zigzag stitch. The rest of the stitches look great, and are fun, but are rarely used on a regular basis. What attachments come with the machine? It is important to find out what attachments come standard with the machine. If you want to make clothing you will need a zipper foot and a buttonhole foot. Do you want a manual or computerised machine? Manual machines may not appear to be as much fun as their computerised counterparts, but they can still handle the basic sewing tasks. Also older, good quality manual machines can be fantastic starters because they are easy to master and tend to be heavyweight. Most of the modern sewing machines are computerised and have stronger motors and extra power, so they don’t struggle with heavyweight fabrics or constant use. Computerised machines also tend to have superior stitch lines, with more evenly spaced stronger stitches. Your choice really does come down to your budget. If money is an issue, recognising your own sewing expectations is essential. If you rarely sew now, a new, expensive machine that requires a lot of learning is not necessarily going to make you sew more.  A solid machine that covers all the basics and only requires “threading and plugging in” will seem less daunting. Manual Sewing Machine Options I have seen these machines around in large fabric stores from $99 to $249. Computerised Sewing Machine Options I have seen these machines around in large fabric stores from $299 to $599. Like any other purchase, search online to get an idea of prices. Good quality second hand machines are an alternative. Places like Gumtree and eBay have many for sale, but make sure the machine has been serviced and is in good working order. You can hire a sewing machine for a day or a week from around $8 per day. This is a great idea if you want to see if you like sewing before purchasing a machine. Large fabric stores often have big sales on sewing machines, and you will pay even less if you are a VIP member. My best advice is to do your own research and buy the best machine you can within your budget without being caught up by salesman hype.

How to make a cowl neck dress from a T/shirt

This is a pull on dress it should be made in a stretch fabric. The collar can be used on many other types of garments as long as it is a soft draping fabric.

Making new designs from a plain t.shirt pattern

There are lots of designs that you make from your T.shirt pattern it just takes a little imagination. Make sure that you mark the Straight grain on each piece before cutting up the pattern. Grainline runs from top to bottom.

How to make a simple pants pattern

This is an easy way of making your own pants pattern from a pair of trousers that you already have. This is for elastic waisted trousers only. You could also do the same for shorts. This pattern can be used for track suit pants, PJ pants or a casual pair wide leg trousers

What students say about my classes

Fiona“Without a doubt, doing the beginners course with Christeen was the best thing I have done in a long while. The course taught me the basics of sewing, from using my machine properly, sewing terminology, basic clothing construction, reading patterns and buying fabric. It gave me the confidence to have a go at making pyjamas, skirts, and dresses on my own and I have been really happy with the results.”
– Fiona

Ali“I went to Sew n Sew to learn the basics of sewing and then planned to go my own way but I found Christeen to be such a knowledgeable and gracious teacher I have stayed to learn more and challenge myself. I have made several dresses for myself and I am about to undertake a lined woollen coat.  I never thought I would be confident enough to make my own coat. Thank you Christeen for unleashing my inner sewist.”
– Ali

Marilyn“Christeen I would like to thank you for opening up a whole new interest for me.  After years of negative thoughts about sewing I have found that I absolutely love it.  I now have a keen interest in fashion, materials and colour.  It’s a good feeling when someone makes a positive comment and I can proudly say, I made it myself.  It’s great for the mind and if I can’t do something, I know you’re there to guide me.  My only regret is that I didn’t discover this passion years ago.”
– Marilyn

“I enjoy attending the sewing classes at Sew n Sew whether it’s a 2 hour class or an all day session.  Learning how to make a sewing pattern is one of the best things that I’ve ever decided to do. I no longer have to buy expensive patterns and try to make them fit. Christeen’s knowledge of sewing, design, pattern making and suggestions is invaluable. I would recommend Sew n Sew to anyone who wishes to learn to sew.”
– Terri

Some of my fabulous student creations