Day 1 in Hong Kong: Fabric Shopping Adventures

Fabric shopping Hong Kong is an amazing experience.  Its a great place to find beautiful pieces of fabric. Armed with my garment drawings, passport, and visa, I took a short train trip to Shenzhen, China.

Shenzhen is another favorite place for fabric shopping. The fabric stores here are huge, and the people are very accommodating. If you want it, they’ve got it in any color. Bartering is great fun here.

I found fabrics for $10 per meter that cost over $30 back home. I also bought Chanel and Gucci shoes at unbelievable prices. It’s not just fabric that I shop for. Over the years, I’ve made many contacts in China and Hong Kong who are always eager to please a returning customer.

I arrived back in Hong Kong at about 7 PM, laid out my purchases, and made a list of buttons, zips, and other supplies for my next stop at Sham Shui Po.

Then, it was off to the night markets for dinner and bed. The linen below is just a sample of the many pieces I bought. What a great day!

Day 2  Fabric shopping Hong Kong

in Hong Kong started with a trip to the optometrist. My friend Lisa bought two pairs of frames, complete with prescription lenses and protective coating, for $210 AUD.

Next, we took a short train ride to Sham Shui Po, a gold mine for any sewer. Our first stop was Michelle, the button lady. Her shop has a floor-to-ceiling display of buttons on every wall. I brought fabric samples to ensure I got everything I needed for my projects and bought some extra items for future use.

There are many other button shops in the area, and I found wooden buttons that I plan to paint and decorate. Down the same street, we visited the Sewing Shop, which sells sewing machines and supplies. I bought an arm extension for my Juki sewing machine for $20 AUD, a bargain compared to the $100 it would cost in Australia. I also picked up high-quality left-handed scissors for $25. Right-handed sewers will find many choices as well.

Next on my list were trim, braid, and zippers. The shops had everything you could imagine. Our final stop was the fabric market street, where you can buy designer off-cuts or fabric by the roll, all starting at $1 AUD.

We took the train back to the hotel and enjoyed a fantastic dinner. The hotel’s restaurant features 10 cooking stations with freshly cooked tempura, Peking duck, roast, Chinese cuisine, sushi, vegetarian options, dessert, and more, all for $100 AUD.

Another great day in Hong Kong!

Day 3: More Fabric Shopping and High-End Finds

By now, most would think I’d had enough of fabric shopping, but I had only skimmed the outskirts of the massive fabric shop in Shenzhen on Day 1. So, off we went again.

Upon arrival, the stall holders recognized us immediately (I wonder why). They are always so happy, friendly, and helpful, never pushy. They just want to please you.

I bought more fabric, meaning my suitcase is now bursting at the seams. Each time I’ve visited, I’ve always gone straight to the fifth floor (top floor) and then eaten at a restaurant on the fourth floor. It sounds crazy, but I’ve never seen floors 1, 2, and 3. There are over 1,000 shops here, but today, I decided to explore the other floors.

I came across a store that sold jeans—not just any jeans, but ladies’ and men’s Armani, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more, all for $60 per pair. The quality is great. I went back to Suzi for more Chanel and Gucci shoes (I couldn’t resist). The shoe range includes not just flats but also heels, boots, and casual styles. Lots of high-end brands, all leather.

There’s so much to see and buy; you can’t possibly see it all in one day. At 5 PM, we had a quick wonton soup and took the train back to Hong Kong.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Stanley, a quaint village on the coast of Hong Kong Island.

More updates tomorrow!



Day 4: A Scenic Trip to Stanley

Time for something different. Stanley is a village about an hour’s bus ride from where we are staying. Taking the bus is a great way to see the scenery along the way.

Stanley is on the water and has lovely restaurants, a shopping plaza, and of course, the Stanley Markets. These markets are very different from those in Kowloon. There are a couple of excellent clothing stores that produce high-quality linen garments. I don’t buy here, but it’s nice to see what others are making and get some ideas.

The markets also have stalls selling jewelry, hats, bags, and art, to name a few. We chose one of the waterfront restaurants and just relaxed in the sun with good food and drink. It was heaven.

We took the bus back to Kowloon, stopping to pick up Lisa’s optical glasses, which were ready and perfect.

The picture of this denim fabric doesn’t do the true colors justice. Both are double-sided. What I do with these fabrics will make them even more interesting.

More updates tomorrow!

Day 5 and 6 Hong Kong

Day 5 started with a long breakfast at the hotel, offering everything you can imagine. We then headed to the sporting goods area in Kowloon, finding sports shoes, casual shoes, and sportswear from popular brands and some new ones.

On the way back to the hotel, we swung by the Ladies Market to pick up battery packs for mobile phones—great bargains for charging on the go. Afterward, we enjoyed a Martini Espresso in the Garden Terrace and rested before our amazing dinner at Aqua.

Day 6: More Buttons and Luxury Fabrics

Day 6 began with picking up my Marc Jacobs prescription glasses from the highly recommended Mr. Chan. Then, it was back to Sham Shui Po for more buttons. I’ve always wanted to paint my own designs on wooden buttons but could never find the right ones. The Button Company here had many different shapes and sizes. I also picked up others to add to my collection.

Next, we hopped on the train to Hong Kong Island to visit the Western Market, which has fabric stalls on the top floor. The fabric here is more expensive but of very high quality.

During lunch, I pondered visiting Tessura Fabrics, known for its beautiful linens from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, as well as woolen and hand-beaded fabrics from Givenchy, Chanel, and Dior. I’ve looked at their website many times and wanted to see and feel the fabric in person. After a quick phone call for the address, we took the train and a brisk walk uphill to Tessura, where we were welcomed by lovely ladies.

The fabric and trim were unlike anything I’d seen, even in my years of bridal work. Some fabrics were priced at $1200 AUD per meter. Unfortunately, the stock I wanted to see wasn’t there. However, the lady showed me various items, and I found a piece I wanted to use for embellishment. It was damaged but perfect for my needs, and I got it for $150 instead of $1200.

After a long day, we returned to the hotel for a quick wonton soup and then headed to my favorite foot massage place in Hong Kong. It’s always heavenly.

Final Day: Reflections and Farewells

Tomorrow is our last day, and it will be sad to leave, but it’s time to return home. I love what I do and can’t wait to get back to teaching and start designing garments with all the fabric and haberdashery I purchased.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my fabric and shopping adventure in Hong Kong. Perhaps you’d like to join me next time.

Pictured below is a shrug I plan to make with the fabric on the right of the picture.

Conclusion: An Unforgettable Fabric Shopping Adventure

My fabric shopping adventure in Hong Kong has been extraordinary. From exploring Sham Shui Po to discovering high-end fabrics in Shenzhen, each day was filled with exciting finds and memorable experiences. Finding the perfect buttons and purchasing designer fabrics at incredible prices showcased Hong Kong’s rich textile scene.

I highly recommend a trip to Hong Kong for anyone passionate about sewing or fashion. The city’s markets offer a treasure trove of fabrics, trims, and accessories, while the local hospitality makes every visit enjoyable. Beyond shopping, Hong Kong’s blend of culture, cuisine, and scenic beauty adds to the overall experience.

As I return home, I’m excited to use these unique fabrics and haberdashery in my designs and share the inspiration with my students. Thank you for following my journey. Perhaps next time, you’ll join me on this fabric shopping adventure in Hong Kong.

Planning will help you go a long way in your sewing, so don’t forget to take the Sewing Project Planner with you.