Tips when buying a Sewing Machine for Kids.

When looking for a sewing machine for kids, there are a few things to consider. First,
the one that is one that is designed for children, is not always the best. In my
experience teaching children to sew, these machines are not built to last, and the
children consistently have problems with the machine jamming.

You might be thinking that you don’t want to spend a lot of money for the first machine,
you just want to see if they really want to learn to sew. Well think about your self
starting a new hobby and you needed to purchase a tool. You by the cheapest tool you
can find, when you start your new hobby the tool constantly stops working, you get
frustrated and eventually give up. Well this is what will happen with your child learning
to sew, they may have been very good at sewing and eventually gone onto make their
own clothing but they never really get the chance to learn because the machine was of
poor quality.

So here are my tips when purchase your Child’s first machine.
Never buy the machine from a fabric store. You maybe lucky and strike a good one but
in my experience when looking at machines in a fabric store they tend to be the
cheaper versions. I can understand why you would head to the fabric store to buy the
machine when you don’t know anything about sewing, you may think that this is the
best place to start. You are better to look at reputable sewing machine shops like
Janome, these people only sell sewing machines and will be able to guide you. Don’t
think that because it is a sewing machine shop that it is going to be expensive, they are
not going to sell you a machine that will constantly give you problem at that would not
be good for their business.

PRICE – You can pick up a great Sewing Machine for around $299 and these machines
you can usually find on sale for less. Below are few examples of great machines for

Know Your Fabric Book

All the above sewing machines will have your child sewing for hours without the trouble
that some machines will give them.
So when your child says they would like to learn to sew give them the great start that
they deserve by purchasing a good sewing machine. You never know they might be
the next famous Australian designer.

Don’t forget that my kids Online Sewing course is a great place for your child to start
learning to sew. They will learn how to use that great machine that you purchased for
them, all the basic skills and make 4 wearable outfits. Here is the link to take a look.

Sewing Lessons for Kids